About the Society

For enquiries directed towards our Society or any individual Committee members, please contact us exclusively at oxfordsocietybelgium [at] gmail.com or at https://www.oxfordsociety.be/contact.

The Oxford Society of Belgium was launched in 1993 at the Brussels Residence of Britain’s Permanent Representative to the European Union, Sir John Kerr, in the presence of the University’s Chancellor, Lord Jenkins. It shares the aims of the parent organisation in Oxford while enabling Oxford alumni living in Belgium to maintain contact with the University and with each other.

Membership of the Society comprises those with a degree from Oxford University or who have studied and taught there. We also welcome individuals who have an interest in the affairs of the University and in furthering its ideals. This Website provides information about current Members, Officers of the Society, past and future events. Those interested in becoming a Member, please click on the ‘contact&join” icon.

Each year the Society organises a programme of events jointly with the Cambridge Society of Belgium.

The Oxford University Society (OUS) was founded in 1932 and is the official alumni organisation of the University of Oxford. Its object is the advancement of the purposes and interests of the University of Oxford. All who have matriculated at the University or who have engaged in academic work in the University are eligible to register for membership. There is no subscription.
The OUS publishes the magazine Oxford Today three times a year, which is free to all Oxonians who are on the University database.
The Society encourages closer relations between its members and the collegiate University by supporting a worldwide network of autonomous Branches. The Branches organise local events, which help to keep members in contact with each other and informed about the contemporary University.
The OUS also has a travel programme, offering Oxonians many opportunities to enjoy educational or recreational travel in the company of other alumni. For information about holidays from Scotland to India consult the Oxford University Travel Programme at the Oxford University Society.

For the Oxford University Society, contact www.alumni.ox.ac.uk or telephone + 44 (0) 1865 288088 or click here.

For Oxford Today – Oxford University’s graduate magazine – click here or go to http://www.oxfordtoday.ox.ac.uk/